ASI’s Website Redesign – Information Architecture

Untangling the Complexity of a Convoluted System

ASI, a national architectural signage company, specializes in turn-key solutions. Over 40 years ago, they differentiated themselves in the market by creating an innovative type setting system for interior signs and they continue to be a respected source of innovation and knowledge within their industry.
A common misconception is that ASI is just an interior sign company as opposed to a turn-key signage solution provider who can meet complex interior, exterior, and digital signage needs.

Problem Statement

In signage, wayfinding is the art of seamlessly guiding visitors through complex campuses. However, after years of adding products and content elements, ASI’s own website signposts had become tangled and cluttered, resulting in user confusion and a less-than-ideal browsing experience. The company decided that while migrating platforms they would also take the opportunity to reorganize the information and navigation of the site.


The project aimed to enhance findability, optimize content, and establish consistency on ASI’s website. The user demographic, primarily architects and facility managers aged 45-60, prompted a thorough content audit and user research. Key audit findings highlighted a complex product lineup and inconsistent navigation. User analytics and personas were developed to understand needs and pain points. Remote card sorting exercises with stakeholders simplified product categories and identified new industry verticals for the “Solutions” section.


The redesign of ASI’s website significantly enhanced user navigation and information architecture. By updating global navigation with more intuitive verbiage, reorganizing menus, and shifting content to an extended footer, findability was greatly improved. Simplifying content and product lineup reduced complexity, while elevating “Success Stories” and emphasizing the Total Signage Solution reinforced ASI’s comprehensive service offerings. Consistency was achieved through a uniform look, standardized secondary menus, and predictable functionality. Intuitive wayfinding elements like breadcrumbs and embedded links further streamlined user experience. These improvements bolstered ASI’s digital presence and user satisfaction, reinforcing their position as a trusted signage solution provider.


Over the course of 18 months, I led a team of five and collaborated with an external web development team to restructure and redesign the global navigation of ASI’s website.

My Roles Include

  • Team Lead
  • Information Architect
  • Navigation Designer
  • UX Designer